Life Coach Vs Therapist

WOAH That sounds like a duel to the death! Haha well it's not..But this is a breakdown of the difference between the two.

So what is a Life Coach?

A life coach focuses on the present and the future.

A therapist focuses on the past (childhood trauma, mental health etc)

A life coach assists in setting, reaching and maintaining goals in life

A therapist explores deep emotional trauma that can uncover why someone behaves a certain way

A life coach encourages immediate action and holds client accountable attain goals

A therapist explores other issues such as Depression, BiPolar, BPD, OCD, and more

A life coach is a sounding board when exploring life with the wellness wheel (Environmental, occupational, spiritual, mental, social, financial, physical) (no diagnosis)

A therapist is a sounding board for diagnosis & understanding of mental health, depression, trauma therapy etc

A life coach is seeking to empower and assist with self discovery after healing the pain

A therapist seeks too remove pain from trauma & emotional hurt

A life coach & client relationship is a partnership to reach your fullest potential

A therapist & client relatinship is more Provider/Patient

Both tackle complex issues, and provide a safe, calm environment for vulnerability and healing. Depending where you are in your healing journey read the above a few times and decide who to seek for assistance. Also, having a life coach and therapist is idle while you healing the past, you're looking towards the future and using all of the above to create your dream life.

I hope this helped explain a bit better & gave you an insight to what I do to empower & assist others with self discovery.


Coach Lex

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